QHSE MS Services

  • Management Consultancy
  • ISO Training
  • Maintenance of ISO Management Systems
  • Design & Develop Management System Documentation
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Auditing
    • Internal audit - 1st party audit
    • Supplier audit - 2nd party audit
    • Assisting in certification body audit - 3rd party audit
  • ISO certification process

QHSE MS Consultancy

  • Initial review & gap analysis
  • Documentation
  • Awareness training sessions
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Internal audit assistance
  • Assistance in selection of certification bodies
  • Assistance in successful completion of certification audit
  • Annual Maintenance contract of ISO management Systems


QHSE MS provides highly skilled auditing services such as

Internal audits conducted based on the existing management system of the organization including Policies, Procedures, Objectives/KPI’s Legal and other requirements

Supplier Audits are conducted on behalf of the organizations to ensure that the suppliers comply with the agreed requirements and comply with legal and other requirements.

QHSE MS provides assistance in selecting the 3rd party Auditing company, coordinating and ensuring Certification audits conducted by certification bodies to certify the organization.

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